Milking Prostate
Prostate Milking Made Easy: Step By Step Instructions

Free Prostate Milking?

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Is it possible to get a free prostate milking? A free prostate milking, assuming that you want it done by another person, is probably not something you’re going to find. I’ve heard of some doctors using prostate milking to treat serious prostate diseases, but if your interest is only in pleasure than you are probably not going to get a free prostate milking from your doctor. I’d say that the only real free prostate milking is one that you get a sexual partner. Of course, depending on what you had to do to get with that partner (whether you had to buy a random woman a drink or do the dishes for your wife), it still may not really be free!

You can learn to give yourself a free prostate milking, but this is a pretty difficult process to master. Mostly this is because it’s simply uncomfortable unless you have very long arms and fingers. There’s also the mental angle – if you’re also trying to stimulate your penis simultaneously it’s really hard to focus on the two areas at once. It’s possible, but it is far easier and a lot more pleasurable if you use a prostate massage toy. It frees up your mind to focus on just one area or the other and it means that you don’t have to contort your body at weird angles to stimulate the prostate.

Unfortunately, prostate massage toys are specially designed and as such can be pretty expensive. You can usually expect to drop at least $50 to pick up one of these toys. It may seem like a lot for a sex toy but once you’ve used one you’ll quickly see what a good deal it really is. Every man should own one – they are just that good!

Milking Prostate Porn

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

People are always talking about the negative sides of porn. Most people don’t really give porn enough credit as a way for people to learn about and explore their sexuality. Most people will occasionally pick up a new move or position when watching porn, but some discover their true fetishes by seeing them in porn first. Perhaps milking prostate porn was the first place that you discovered that you may have an interest in prostate massage? That’s great and you should consider yourself to be sexually enlightened if you’re willing to explore it further. However, it’s important not to be misled by milking prostate porn.

Milking prostate porn is often focused on BDSM-like activities, where a dominatrix is using it as a way to “torture” her submissive male slave. Because of this, some men get the idea from milking prostate porn that prostate massage is somehow painful. However, this is only the case if it is done too harshly. If done properly, prostate massage is painless and totally comfortable. Another misconception from milking prostate porn is that it’s simply not pleasurable. Again, this is only true if it isn’t performed correctly.

The only thing that can really be considered “punishing” about a prostate massage is that you don’t really feel the full “release” that you feel when you have a normal ejaculation from penile stimulation. It can be frustrating to be denied that release, but it is never painful and the actual massage itself and mini-orgasms that it causes still feel great! So hopefully now you have a better understanding of what in prostate milking porn is real and what isn’t. If you were nervous to experiment with prostate massage for any of those reasons, I hope that you’ll decide to give it a try now!

Still Looking for Prostate Milking Videos?

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

It’s a sad fact that there weren’t many good prostate milking videos out there. I also mentioned an instructional DVD that was produced by the Aneros Company that I had assumed was packaged with their products. It turns out that that video is still around; you just have to order it separately. As far as prostate milking videos go, it’s actually pretty good. It’s very educational and informative without being too boring. In fact it borders on being a straight up porno at times, but still focuses on teaching you just as well as other prostate milking videos out there. Most of the information is the same stuff that you’ll find in the instructions for Aneros products and even on this very site, but it’s still nice to see it played out in real life.

This video is, of course, going to be especially useful for people use the Aneros line of prostate massage toys, rather than other types. That said there are quite a few different models of the Aneros and some new ones have been produced since this video came out, so it doesn’t cover every type of Aneros. The good news is that most Aneros models function in basically the same way so you don’t need separate prostate milking videos.

The only caveat is that prostate milking videos like this one can’t really help you achieve the proper mindset for having the coveted “super orgasm.” So much of getting the ultimate orgasm is a mental thing that it becomes a very subjective and personal experience – not something you can get from milking prostate videos. So just keep that in mind when you decide whether or not you want to buy this particular video.

How to Milk Prostate: The Finishing Touch

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

If you’re already experienced with prostate stimulation, you’re ready for final step in mastering how to milk prostate. If you consult any prostate stimulation guide, you’ll know that it takes a long time to reach the point where you go for a true orgasm through penis stimulation. Hopefully, you’ve reached the point where you can have anal or prostate orgasms, but when it comes to learning how to milk prostate, penis stimulation is the icing on the cake and the ultimate release. Again, for best results you need to master the proper technique.

If you follow the usual preparation procedure for how to milk prostate, then by the time you actually start to touch your penis you should already be close to ejaculation. You have to be careful here, you don’t want to shoot off too soon. As soon as you feel yourself reaching the point of no return, you have to completely back off and focus all of your energy on pure prostate stimulation.

Once you’ve reached this level, you may want to consider upgrading to a better prostate stimulator toy if you’re still using a basic model like the Aneros MGX. Personally, I would recommend the Aneros Eupho. This is one of the newest toys that they offer and has some of the most advanced technology behind it. It’s much thinner and has a more angular design than most other prostate stimulator toys, which makes it harder to use but gives it much more potential. It’s not for people who are just learning how to milk prostate. It’s considered to be an advanced model, so you need to know how to milk prostate and control your muscles very well in order to use the Aneros Eupho effectively. If you can do that, however, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime.

Milking Prostate Gland: Muscle Control

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

This little guide assumes that you already know about about flexing your anal sphincter muscles. This article will cover the same idea, but takes it to the next level. If you want to experience the most powerful orgasms you can get from milking prostate gland, then it’s important to master this ability. You need to be able to exert pinpoint control over your muscles in that area. It’s a pretty weird thing to think about, since most of us don’t even use these muscles actively. However, once you’ve learned to do it, you can keep the pleasure you get from milking prostate gland going for multiple minutes if not hours at a time.

The first goal that you should focus on is the ability to have an ejaculation without actually touching penis. You may find that you can’t do this your first few times experimenting with prostate massage toys, but don’t worry – you’ll get there. Like most things worthwhile in life, it just takes a little bit of time. Besides, even if you can’t achieve a hands-free orgasm, you’ll still find that your regular orgasms are far more pleasurable and explosive.

Keep in mind that prostate toys aren’t designed to fill your entire rectum when milking prostate gland. That would probably just be uncomfortable. Instead, it sits there very unstably so that it can move around while you move and contract your muscles. What this means is that eventually you can learn how to control the movement of the prostate massager to make it as pleasurable for yourself as possible. That may be a little much to worry about at the beginning, so don’t rush yourself. Just enjoy milking prostate gland and learn as you go – before you know it you’ll be a total expert!

Prostate Milking Massage: Advanced Technique

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Here’s an advanced prostate stimulation technique. Once you have your Mangasm 2 inserted and you’re fully relaxed, you can begin the next stage of enjoying your prostate milking massage. This step involves actually involves a bit more effort on your part. It’s not entirely necessary but it can really help you to unlock the maximum pleasure potential for your prostate milking massage. What you need to do here is slowly flex the muscles located in your anal sphincter. It’s sort of the same muscle movements you might make when going to the bathroom – but don’t worry, nothing will come out because we ensure we were clean in Step 1.

Try to flex your sphincter muscles in when you breathe in, and out when you breathe out. Continue to repeat these movements until you’ve done them about two dozen times, give or take a few. You can continue to do it if you like, but once you’ve reached this point you should be ready to get the full experience of the prostate milking massage. After a few sessions of this you’ll notice that it becomes easier and more comfortable. It also serves to increase the blood flow to this area, which helps to purge toxins and increase sensitivity.

Once you’ve reached this point, you can start to stimulate yourself sexually. You can stimulate the penis now, but I’d recommend holding off. If you’ve done things correctly, you may find that you’ll orgasm practically as soon as you touch your dick. Obviously we want to extend our prostate milking massage as long as possible, so just stick to touching your other erogenous zones for now. As you’re doing this, concentrate on very gently flexing your sphincter muscles and trying to hold them in a half-flexed position. Once you can do that, you’re well on your way to an ultimate orgasm through prostate milking massage.

Milking the Prostate

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Believe it or not, milking the prostate is a very much a mental exercise. It’s not as simple as just thrusting your Mangasm 2 up there and going to town. You need to develop your ability to relax and focus on the experience if you really want to get the most you can out of milking the prostate. Before I talk more about that, however, there’s one last note on positioning your toy: make sure that the perineum tab is pointed in the right direction. The perineum is the area that many people call the “taint,” between the balls and the anus. The toy would be pretty uncomfortable to use with that tab poking into your back, but some people still get confused.

Anyway, you want to start milking the prostate by inserting the Mangasm 2 up to about half of its full length. Once it’s gotten that far it will automatically situate itself against your prostate and start massaging it. Once the massager is properly position, you’ll be getting simultaneous pleasure from three different areas: the prostate, the anus itself, and the perineum. This can cause you to feel like you need to pee, but don’t worry that’s completely normal and you won’t actually urinate during the milking the prostate procedure.

Now it’s time to begin the relaxation procedure so you can fully enjoy milking the prostate. If you’re still new to the whole process, it’s a good idea to take things slowly and spend some time getting used to the feeling of having something inserted into you. I wouldn’t describe the sensation as uncomfortable but it definitely takes some getting used to. Take long, deep breaths and just try and relax for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes or even longer. Eventually milking the prostate will feel completely natural and wonderful.

An Aside: On Milking Prostate Video

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

We live in the age of multimedia, so it’s almost silly to rely solely on text like this to learn about prostate massage. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a whole lot of milking prostate video out there that’s easily available. I’ve heard that the Aneros Company used to send out milking prostate video DVDs with their products to help educate their customers, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Unfortunately, this leaves out a lot of people who would prefer to learn from milking prostate video instead of a text guide.

All I can really say is to make sure that you search the internet thoroughly when searching for milking prostate video. Don’t be afraid to look at porno sites, because in many cases that are the only places you’re going to find the kind of video that you’re looking for. Those videos probably won’t involve an Aneros toy or anything like that, but they can still be reasonably educational for some basic techniques.

Even if you can’t find a good milking prostate video, you shouldn’t stress out about it. You don’t really need a video when you have a toy like the Aneros. These things are just so easy to use that they’re practically self-explanatory. This sort of video might be a little more helpful if you’re going to be experimenting with prostate massage with a partner, since most porn videos focus on this sort of thing. Your partner might be able to learn a little something and it might also help her get more comfortable with the idea in general. Getting a prostate massage from a partner can be a real treat and something you might want to try once you’ve gotten used to using an Aneros or similar toy.

Prostate Milking: Important Steps

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Step one in prostate milking is to fully clean yourself and any toys you’re going to use. The second step in prostate milking is to get into a comfortable and accessible position. The simplest thing to do is to lie down on your side on your bed. Then, lift your knees so that they are close to your stomach – essentially you’ll almost be in the fetal position. The purpose of this positioning is so that the toy that you’re using hits your prostate perfectly and you can be as comfortable as possible. Some people don’t like this position for prostate milking, however. For those people, I’d recommend lying on your back and using something to prop up your rear end, but there are other positions you can try as well.

As an aside, if you’re new to the world of prostate milking, I’d recommend starting out with the Mangasm 1 as your first toy. I’ve found that the Mangasm 1 has a prefect size for beginners – big enough to provide good stimulation but not so big that it’s intimidating or difficult to use. It’s important to strike that balance, and too many guys either go too big or too small for their first prostate milking toy.

We can move onto step three now, which is a fairly simple step. All you’re doing here is applying a decent amount of lubricant both to your anal opening and to the toy that you’re using (again, I can’t recommend the Mangasm 1 enough). It’s important that you use enough lubricant, so don’t skimp. The reason for this is that the toy will actually be moving around inside you, and the lubricant will help ensure it can do so easily. We’re now ready for the next steps.

Milking Prostate Guide

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Hey there! If you’ve found this blog then you’re probably one of the many men out there who is curious about milking prostate but isn’t sure where to start. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. On this blog you’ll find a list of step by instructions on how to perform a proper milking prostate whether you’re doing it for health or for pleasure reasons. These steps do assume that you have some kind of prostate stimulation toy such as the Mangasm 1 or the Aneros MGX. While it’s possible to perform milking prostate without the aid of these toys, the toys do make the process much, much easier.

So the first step that you need to take before beginning milking prostate is to ensure cleanliness. This is important to help limit any risk of diseases. The rectum is already a breeding ground for disease, and inserting something as large as an Aneros or Mangasm toy can worsen the problem. Thus, it’s important to make sure that you go to the bathroom, clean yourself thoroughly, and also ensure that the toy you are going to use is very clean. If you want to ensure that you’re as clean as possible, you may want to head to head to your local pharmacy and buy a rectal syringe.

While health is the primary reason for this, it is also helpful to prevent any general unpleasantness that can happen when fecal matter is involved. It’s a fairly rare occurrence, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re using one of these toys with a partner. Once you’ve ensure that everything is clean, you can proceed onto the next step of milking prostate. Keep your Aneros or Mangasm toy at the ready!